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Reply to "new study suggests some people grossly overestimate their political knowledge."

L. Cranston posted:

What none of the Republicans seem to realize, is they're backing up the facts in the article with every post. Why do the most uninformed voters believe they are the most intelligent voters. Not knowing you don't have a grasp on the facts, but constantly trying to explain why Republicans are right. It's the Republican way.


I've viewed the activities of three Democrat politicians presently in the news.  Their views are out of touch with reality. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is currently the new thing with the press.  Despite an economics major, she has no idea what basic economics statistics represent.  She advocates numerous utopian dreams, but no idea how to finance them. For example, her Medicare for all plan would require a doubling of federal revenues -- not just income tax, but Medicare and Social Security taxes.  Just a back of the envelope schedule shows all her plans would devour the entire annual GDP of the nation.  AOC has an excuse.  She's the perfect example of an example of liberal progressive education -- with no experience in the real world.

Governor Newsom, the new California governor, advocated sanctuary and medical care for all who enter the state.  Emphasized their rainy day fund of $30 billion.  Trouble is that's a projected surplus, not an actual one. Even if true, that's about 22 days operating funds for the state.  Advocated for a state bank to support new housing.  Sorry, but under the constitution, states can only have their own banks if they have a gold depository.  Texas is the only state with such. California has 12 percent of the nation's population and 33 percent of the nation's homeless and those under the poverty line.  Newsom's plans will ensure all those statistics go up.  Plus, probably change the state's credit rating from the second worse to the worst.  They will be one with Illinois.  

Comrade de Blasio, mayor of NYC, announced a similar healthcare for all plan.  Are you old enough to remember when NYC lurched from loan to loan to avoid bankruptcy, until Giuliani was elected.  Well, those days will return. 

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