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Reply to "new study suggests some people grossly overestimate their political knowledge."

L. Cranston posted:


What you fail to realize is that extremists exist on both sides of the political spectrum. For every example you provide of an extreme Democrat, I can provide an extreme Republican to match. What good does that do? What exactly do we gain from writing long posts, which nobody cares to read, about politicians who haven't the concept or ability to help their constituents? The facts show Democrat's policies are not affordable without major tax increases. The facts also show Republican policies of Trickle Down Economics have lead to every major recession the US has faced.

Where are the days where moderate, level headed, sensible Democrats and Republicans made compromises and Americans ALL flourished!

As to facts, of the Democrats I've cited, one is new, untried and ignorant of economics -- AOC.  The other two, Newsom and de Blasio, are experienced politicians, with years of experience.

As to trickle down -- when JFK used "a rising tide raises all boats" Democrats hailed it.   There are three examples of reducing taxes, resulting in significant revenue increases. None lead to major recessions. The reductions under JFK/LBJ and Reagan lead to economic booms.  The one under George W. Bush did not lead to the recession that followed. Over a decade of loosening credit, injection of a trillion dollars for iffy home loans by Fannie and Freddie, and inducements by government and banks lead to that recession.

Tax revenue changes, before and after tax cuts (corrected for inflation).

For the eight years after JFK/LBJ cuts – increase of $522.2 billion.

For the eight years after Reagan tax cuts – increase of $2.944 trillion.

For the eight years after Bush tax cuts – increase of $4.788 trillion

Source:  Office of Management and Budget historic tables.


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