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Reply to ""Once Saved, Always Saved" -- Really?"

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

Hi all,


Just curious.  Has ANYONE bothered to watch the video?  If you will, you will find that many of your questions are answered.  While most Christians will want to hear his answers, even if you disagree with Dr. Bing -- you may find yourself agreeing with him on many things.


And, I realize that no matter what Dr. Bing, or anyone else teaches -- there are those non-believers who will stick their heads in the sand -- declaring they see nothing.  In other words, they are doing a good Sgt. Schultz impression, "I see nothing!  I hear nothing!  I know nothing!"  And, like Pharaoh, they will continue to harden their hearts.


But, for all my Friends with an "inquiring mind" -- I sincerely urge you to view Dr. Bing's video.




( Hand raised )  I have not bothered to watch the video.

If I disagree with Bing, how do I agree with him?


I can't hear you Billie-je, I've got sand in my ears. 

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