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Bill not everyone needs a god to guide them. You are obviously not someone that can make it in this world without the belief in something magical and superstitious to believe in. Sad really. I feel sorry for human beings that are so weak in mind and character that they can't seem to face this world without the hope and belief that someone up there is watching out for them. Must be very scary for you.


I don't worship any gods or Penn Jillette. I do think Penn is a very smart man and has a firm grasp on what it takes to be a productive, happy person. Maybe you should give his 10 commandments a try. Who knows you might actually be someone others could tolerate.


Just your OPINION, right, DA?

Just like it's MY OPINION that atheists like you are mising a spiritual side. As I have said before, you don't notice it because you can't miss something you never had. It's sad though, that anyone can be so spiritually blind that they miss out on all the beauty in life.


Just my OPINION.



Whats up with the penn&teller pair. I remember back when gofish/guffaw/cookey/uno and DF ran their nane in the ground. Hardly a day passed that they didn’t equate them to some superhero. People are sayin’ like man so what.