Reply to "People Claiming to Be Jesus"

Hi Canade,


Not too many months ago, when questioned about some of the articles he copy/pastes into a new discussion -- Vic told us that he often will do this, in his own words, "To start an argument!"


But, now I notice that poor Vic is not only limited to his ability to copy/paste -- he also has a bad problem with stuttering!  It seems that, because he cannot think of anything to say -- he just reposts his previous post -- in the same discussion!  


Possibly it is because he is "thought challenged" or possibly because he has been so indoctrinated to just repeat what his church tells him to say -- that, he finds it difficult to come up with original thoughts and ideas.


But, hopefully, continued exposure to real Biblical teachings from Christians on this forum will help Vic to recover his own mind.  Bless his heart, I do pray for his "stuttering" problem.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,





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