Reply to "People Claiming to Be Jesus"

Vic, my Friend,


A wee bit paranoid, aren't you?   In your confused state, you declare, " I never ask for or want a response from you."  


My Friend, I am not sure how to break this to you -- but, the TimesDaily Religion Forum is an "open forum" -- as in, "there are no private discussions" on an open forum.  But, I might suggest that if you want to have private discussions with only the cabal -- you might try using the Private Message function.


Come to think of it -- that has two advantages.   For you, your discussions can take any convoluted path you choose; for only your chosen "friends" will see them.


And, for the rest of us -- we can have normal discussions without your "copy/paste" attempts to, as you have said before, start an argument. 


So, you see -- it is a win-win situation for everyone if you restrict yourself to PMs only. 


Otherwise, those of us with more rational thinking will occasionally post a response to your copy/paste diatribes. 


Bless your heart!



Good Morning Bear-1


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