Reply to "People Claiming to Be Jesus"

Hi GB,


You tell us, "For my part in this discussion let me just say I never thought Vic posted this because he believes it -- but rather just as a starter for a conversation. . ."


I could agree with you except for one fact:  A few months ago, Vic himself wrote that he often posted such things just to start arguments.  So, if we replace you word "conversation" with Vic's word "argument" -- we have a fit.


And, even for that I would not chastise Vic; although I find it distasteful.  Where I do chastise Vic is that he so frequently posts long articles, copy/pasted verbatim -- without even one single word written by Vic.


Forums are meant to be a place where two or more folks offer their thoughts and we discuss those thoughts.  If we go by Vic's posts -- he has no thoughts of his own.  So, to compensate, he does a 100% copy/paste of another person's thoughts.   If we wanted to discuss and debate the thoughts of a mystery writer -- we would seek out that mystery writer.   We come here to have discussions with Forum members -- not unknown writers. 


However, I will give Vic credit for one thing.  At least now he does give us the URL link.  Before he did not even do that.


But, when we are supposed to be having a discussion with Vic -- wouldn't it be nice to read at least SOME of Vic's thoughts?  


Besides his ranting and name calling -- that is all I have against Vic's posts.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,