Reply to "People Claiming to Be Jesus"

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

VP, my dear Friend,


Satirical Humor:  Humor that exposes human foolishness in order to achieve a moral purpose.


Now what could be more human foolishness than Vic's constant name calling -- and his propensity to copy/paste articles written by someone else, without even adding a single word of his own -- and doing it for his stated purpose of starting an argument?


What could be more human foolishness than Crusty's inability to read and understand more than three sentences in one sitting -- and then that he can only reply by typing a number?  Limited?  You betcha!


Finally, what can be more human foolishness than you claiming that you can know what is in my mind, when you write, "Honestly want to know how you truly mean for these seemingly demeaning comments to be understood."


First, it is a very poorly written sentence.  Second, I had no idea you are a psychic and have the ability to know what is in another person's mind.  Did you learn that in Catechism?


But, God loves you and so do I!


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,




Narcissism 101.