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Originally posted by kkelley:
Seems like an inspirational speech of encouragement to continue working and studying to become a positive contributor to the world today. She spoke to all graduates. They were just graduates who had worked and studied hard to achieve a degree. Were there segments of her speech omitted?

In speaking in terms of 'you' I heard no primary colors mentioned but a collective 'you' meaning all graduates.

My post is regarding the First Lady's address at a graduation ceremony.

The President is not the subject. Liking or approving the current President's politics/policy/cabinet issues was never on the agenda at graduation. Why bring up the speech at all? Whether you are adressing approval or disapproval of a person, a race, a club, organization, whatever ~ it should have been posted under an appropriate topic.

WH, where do you see the address as a subversive attempt to 'revert this country to
a third world status'? I can take up inner city issues, baggy britches, fatherless children elsewhere. The link you posted was regarding college graduation. ??????

kkelly--never underestimate the propensity of terminally right wing dingbats to find something to beetch about in anything--and I mean ANYTHING--Barack Obama or Michele Obama say or do.