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Right, we should keep ourselves out of all this. The first thing you do in imposing a "no fly zone" is attack the country with bombs.
I don't know what Obama is wanting to do, but y'all are right, let the Arabs deal with this family dispute. If Obama attacks Libya, I will turn on him.
Betternu should start a crawfish alert post.

I am not happy with the US starting up in Libya. However, having said that, the shorter we are there the better.
So , yes, on this issue, I turned on Obama - I do not support war for pleasure or profit, only for the imminent defense of our nation, and I think that should be total war; if that means killing children, dogs and women, so be it. Do it, plow salt into their fields, and get out.
Our country is not endangered by Libya. We've been there and done that, "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli"