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Reply to "Rich, pompous, birther blowhard alert!"

Originally posted by b50m:
Originally posted by seeweed:
Originally posted by Winston Niles Rumfoord:
Tell us how Ralph Nader stole enough votes from Algore to knock him out.

After Obama gets through pizzing off all but his stupidest constituents, Pat Paulsen could beat him, and he's dead.

You ain't real bright are you ?
For your edification :
In 2000, in the Fla vote, W Bush defeated Al Gore by 537 votes, Nader received 97,421 votes. Had Nader not been on the ballot, exit polling indicates that 25% of those voting for Nader would have voted for moron, and 38% would have voted for Gore, the rest would not have voted.
This margin gave W the Fla electoral vote and since the entire election was pretty evenly split, the Fla vote was the deciding vote.
(there was also a lot of accusations that the Bush crime family and it's political machine had dis-enfranchised a lot of poorer black voters, but that was never proven)
However, as any hindsite who really knows what if?
I hope you are more informed now. BTW, I got that information from the "Google machine", and I am leaving it as an exercise to the student (you) to locate it.

I can see the effects of posting at the TNF. You have started acting like all of them. Still hate the fact Gore lost but never mention Bush won in 2004 without any 'accusations'.

Yes, I still regret the defeat of Gore in 2000. W Bush damm near destroyed our country, and in fact we may not fully recover in my lifetime, and I can make the case that it would nave never happened had Gore been president. However, sadly, we will never know.
Bush won in 2004, there is no dispute in my mind. I did not vote for him, and while I was not too happy with Kerry/Edwards, I think my wife's cat would have been a better choice than Bush and would have done a helluva lot less harm to our country.

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