Reply to "Schoolbus passenger: Driver cut off"

From Press conference @ Huntsville Hospital

44 total involved

HPD Chief Rex Reynolds
10:10 rec'd call Laidlaw bus travelling from Lee HS to Tech Ctr
Left I-565 fell onto Church St
2 fatalities on scene
Christina Collier 18
Nicole Ford 17

Witness to accident didn't want to get involved in investigation
Witness was not in involved car
(reporter question-any reports that students in their private automobiles have played chicken with the school buses, or ever tried to beat them back?)
We've never received any reports of that

(via phone to WHNT TV19)
C.E. Lee
eyewitness to event

behind bus

orange reddish car to right
bus in left south

car in right lane

car accelerated to pass

hit R front wheel of bus
then bus went on guard rail
travelled short way on rail

young man was ejected from bus door

appeared he came through door

as bus had come to stop at bottom
ejected man he was face down on road
"I could not get any response from him"

man in car was trying to get off road to his sister in bus

I can only presume that the people in the car were with the bus