Reply to "Senate panel repudiates Bush"

Originally posted by Brentenman:
pba/(all former names) =

1. all this person does is copy-paste

2. if you disagree, pba/(all former names) goes on a rampage, claims you "..refuse or ducks to debate the issues.."

3. links are from far left of center sites, some very shrill

4. Posts on average 15-20 (it seems) times a day...flooding the place. In fact, a few days ago, this person, pba, completely owned the front page with the number of threads-posts started.

The above 4 facts constitute what a


I have no problem debating, but greed and such is not the way to start one. More like pandering.

I hope I am not being offensive sir, but you can reduce the size of the Troll Icon without taking away from the expression of your opinion. or, you might try setting them up in a row, say three abreast so that you don't occupy so much space.