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Situational Ethics

regarding the URL:

Who cares if it's factual and accurate or not for it serves it's purpose.  Another attempt to revise History to make it conform to one's desires.  Never mind that Thomas Jefferson never said such the advertisements stay and are put up anyway for people to see who many will not know any better and develop the false understanding that Thomas Jefferson actually said such.  Then these will go into forums such as this and argue the point that Jefferson said this when in fact he didn't. 

Atheist are so bothered and incensed by the fact that mostly men of Christian belief and character developed this great Country on principals that they were well aware of.  There is an instance in this country where Atheist did create something though and developed their own utopia in Liberal, Missouri which has it's own history.  That worked out well for them didn't it.  

For all that Atheism purports to offer it's interesting how much effort they expend on decrying Christianity, something they consider false and of no effect at all yet they expend so much energy, time and efforts on it rather than basking in their Atheistic philosophies and being so happy.   Just look at the abundance of post on this forum over time.  Look how many are spent expounding on the attributes of Atheism and how it is so positive and beneficial compared to the efforts expended ridiculing Christians and Christianity and defaming those who express a belief in Christianity.  There are some Atheist who claim act or respond as if they are under some intense Christian attack to the point that potentially their health and welfare are at risk yet what does the preponderance of the evidence support?  

For all the merits that Atheist seem to indicate Atheism offers they sure spend a lot of energy and efforts condemning Christians and Christianity or something they claim they don't believe in.  IF they were not obsessed with such then surely they wouldn't even bring up mention of it.   Begs the question who are they really trying to convince?  And how dare people actually come into this forum with desires to discuss Christianity or dare to make Christian post.  All such activity has to be opposed and any respectful Atheist has to "call BS" on it.  Actually it's not different than someone that is a veterinarian or vegan going into Ruth's Chris and throwing a fit because meat is being served.  How dare they serve steak at a steak house.  Like Muslims going to a Catholic school and being offended at the sign of the Cross or anything to do with Christ. 

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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