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Reply to "Situational Ethics"

Originally Posted by Bestworking:

Gb, we've been over this a hundred times about why atheists post here. This is not YOUR forum, it is not for the believers only to post on. You come in and cry about this for about a week then you run off. Then back you come to cry about it again. Email the TD and ask them what this PUBLIC forum is for.

Speaking of Situational, lets look at a reply you made to Bill when he commented on you being repetitious in another subject such as "Who created God",   The exact dialog I copied and will paste below:


Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

Hi Jennifer,


That question has been asked by atheists and answered so MANY times -- that it falls into the category of the little girl who keeps asking mommy, "But, mommy, WHY?"   Duh!


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,





Originally Posted by Bestworking:

That question has been asked by atheists and answered so MANY times -- that it falls into the category of the little girl who keeps asking mommy, "But, mommy, WHY?"





Good for that little girl, boy, adult. No one should ever accept the answer "cause I said so" when it makes no sense.



So a persons right or priviledge to continue to question something or make a statement that may just happen to remind someone of a former topic or question is either in vogue or taboo depending upon whether that person is favorable to Christianity or not?   Varies depending upon the person or the context I see for your tone sure changes when it's me that you perceive asking a question or covering a topic that has been covered before.  Or maybe just that it's alright for you but not for me.


Actually the point I was attempting to make on this topic goes beyond this forum but applies here as well and that is IF you don't believe it and if it doesn't matter then WHY spend soo much time and efforts on battling it?  I can more see the bulletin board, all be it deceptive and using false statements than I can see people who argue about Christians in here and belittle Christians in here who choose to express or make expressions of their beliefs and faith when this forum is a Religion forum which is where one would expect such topics to be found and covered.  Again a person really does not believe something why argue so intensely against it


Why spend so much time and efforts belittling other Christians or their beliefs rather than espousing the merits of your own beliefs?  I mean if you are here for a constructive purpose then what is it?  It seems, regarding the actual reasons that some are here, are in conflict with the same ole answers that are provided or given so the curiosity continues.  


My purpose for asking clarification from the Times Daily was only because there was absolutely no evidence to support that it was for anything other than Religion.  I never wanted to to make it my forum or a Christian only forum but I felt that there are some here for no other reason than to harass and heckle because they just don't like the content of the forum.  They hate God or anything to do with God or about God that they want to squash anyone's efforts to share uncontested.  Their motives are certainly not constructive and they lie if their own post and actions betray their own words as to why they are here. 


Just like those atheist who pay so much for the boards or signs it isn't to show the merits of their own choice as it is to decry and attack the beliefs of others.  Why say anything at all about Christianity or God if you don't believe in them?  Why not just an ad to advance the merits and positives of atheism?  No there is an agenda behind their actions as there is many on this forum and they are revealed by their own actions and offended when someone, like me, dares to call them on it.


Anyone has the right to be here but what they do with their freedom and right to be here doesn't mean they are good forum neighbors in their actions.  Many use their rights to attack others and belittle them rather than advance their own arguments.   If atheism is attacked or addressed then I can understand someone responding to address those allegations but to jump into every topic or any topic that is specifically started by Christians for the purpose of sharing among like minded believers only to harass and be obstructive THOSE are the ones I believe are acting beyond what the Times Daily intended the forums to be used for.  Those have only one intent and that is to be offensive, in any way, toward others who believe differently than they do and because of those beliefs.  No I don't want a forum exclusive to Christians but I would like the ability for Christians to be able to discuss among themselves or anyone that may be new and come here with questions without having to deal with continual and deliberate harassment and belittling of our own character, person or beliefs.  Is that too much to request? 

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