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Reply to "Situational Ethics"

Originally Posted by Bestworking:

 a veterinarian or vegan going into Ruth's Chris and throwing a fit because meat is being served.  How dare they serve steak at a steak house.




So vets don't eat steak? Since when? And I doubt very seriously if vegans have a problem with restaurants that serve steaks. After all, they aren't being forced to order or eat them. Now when the meateaters start demanding they do, or telling them they have to feed it to their children, they might get resistance. And if the vegan feels strongly enough about the conditions surrounding the treatment and slaughter of the animals they have every right to speak out about that too. You think you and other christians that think like you are the only people that should have rights to speak up. You try to gloss it over or play it off as harmless, "they're picking on the poor christians again", but I think we've seen lately just how "harmless" some christians are.

Depends on the intent or reason.  Many demonstrate by the number and tone of their post that they are not interested in debate or content of a discussion but solely in being obstructive and harassing others and disrupting a topic or conversation.  We aren't looking for everyone to agree with us but we certainly should expect if someone doesn't that they have the ability to forward a point or argument from their own position rather than to just rely on attacking the character or belittle forum members themselves.  In most of these cases there isn't the advancing of atheistic ideas or how they are better it's just harsh and terse remarks about the Christian being so dumb or delusional to believe the way we do. 


My statement about the vegans and the Steak house was only because some, possibly you, have complained about some forum members using scriptures in their post or talking about trusting the Bible or other things dealing with our Christan beliefs yet have to deal with having ourselves attacked personally or being told how the Bible we hold as Holy is blasphemed.   You talk about repetition!  We Christians know how you and other atheist feel about the Bible and about God yet some of you have to enter into each and every topic we start or want to discuss with the same ole lines and comments time after time and we end up having the same arguments over and over and over again. 


It should be assumed by any intelligent, thinking, person that in a forum titled Religion that one would hear comments and post from people who actually believe in a Religion ( Christianity being one of those Religions ).  The same goes with Scriptures .. anyone should expect that is what they would be exposed to as well as others who hold varying degrees of faith in various aspects of Christianity.  I don't go into atheist forums because I know what I'll read and hear in there.  I don't go into forums that are dedicated to topics I have absolute no belief in or interest in.  I don't go into forums on transcendental meditation or on soccer or any other topics like that.


What I address is not that you should not have the right to come in here but rather it's the statements that seem to complain about hearing about Christian post in a forum dedicated to Religion.  It's hearing or reading the same ole personal attacks against people because of what they believe given that they are in a forum where they naturally would perceive they would be addressing topics relating to Religion.  Simple as that.

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