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Reply to "Situational Ethics"

Originally Posted by Bestworking:

Just like those atheist who pay so much for the boards or signs it isn't to show the merits of their own choice as it is to decry and attack the beliefs of others.  Why say anything at all about Christianity or God if you don't believe in them?  Why not just an ad to advance the merits and positives of atheism?  No there is an agenda behind their actions as there is many on this forum and they are revealed by their own actions and offended when someone, like me, dares to call them on it.




The billboards and signs are perfectly legal and there is nothing at all wrong with them.

Really?   The fact that the ad/billboard makes a quote then attributes it to Thomas Jefferson when no where, even experts on Jefferson, can find that he said it?  Nothing wrong with a billboard making a false claim as if it was true.  Did you not visit the URL?  The point of this topic is NOT that the atheist are putting up a billboard but the fact that they use deception in doing so.



Do you feel the same about all the billboards the churches put up?


IF the Church puts up a knowingly deceptive bulletin board making a false quote then yes I would feel the same way. 


Tell me what you think the "agenda" is? I know what mine is, and that is to fight against people like you and bill taking over and running this country the way YOU think it should be run.


I can't speak for Bill but based upon what I see here the only thing he or I does that has anything to do with this country is VOTE.  We never said we wanted a theocracy that is a judgment you make and run with it as if it was fact.  It isn't but there is no use in telling you that for you have your mind made up, you are convinced so the fact that a person says differently or openly says different doesn't matter for you cannot be wrong in your judgment.    You also say this board is for other practices than Religion but I sure don't see that anywhere in the description of the board.  I see a board dedicated for Religion and based upon what an atheist purports to be I don't see that applying to atheism.

religion |riˈlijən|
the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods : ideas about the relationship between science and religion.

that doesn't sound like atheism to me.  You claim that WE (Christians) want to make this a board of our own yet we aren't the ones jumping into every topic downing the participants because of what you believe.  It isn't us who prohibits people from discussing, un-accosted, the topic they want.  Any and every Christian cannot create a subject in here without somewhere in that subject being attacked or accosted account of their Christian belief by one of the atheist.  At least that is the way it's been in the past.  I know what Bill said his reasons for being here is but when I came in I came in to discuss topics on Religion and about Religion knowing that various religions disagree with each other and various denominations disagree but to be confronted with atheist constantly telling us anyone of any belief is disillusioned or crazy or dumb is just atheist trying to beat believing people over the head because they detest anything to do with God and Religion and because they cannot strike out at God they will go to the next best thing which is Religion's representation, it's believers.  No one in here, at least that I know of, went into an atheist forum and fished you out of it bringing you into this forum.  You made or make the choice to come here for one reason only.  To berate anyone that believes differently than you do, anyone that professes belief in a deity.  As for your reasons you do so I cannot guess.


And we all know what that is. So you can try and "call me" on anything you want but I will not stop opposing and pointing out the harm that is done in the name of religion, and I will oppose you every time you try to rewrite history.


This IS a forum on and about Religion so what do you expect to see in here?  At the top of your window it should say  Forums / Your Discussions / Religion so it isn't that difficult to know what to expect to find within.  As I said you, coming into this forum to attack anything to do with belief, is exactly the same as if some vegan was to go into a Steak House and rail over them serving meat.  You should expect to hear and see things you don't believe in here so unless you are trying to take over the forum for yourself and your cause why attack Christians for wanting to post Christian topics or have Christian discussions in a forum dedicated to Religion?  You should know this is where people would come to discuss Religion, God, Christ, and other things you, as an atheist, don't agree with.  You do have a right to be here but to go lambasting folks in here for posting things related to the subject of the forum is just arrogance on your part.  What you and others are doing is absolutely NO DIFFERENT than if a Christian was to go into a atheist forum and preaching to then.  What you are doing is preaching your atheism in a place that is specified for Religion.  You may say different but show where it says it's for what you say it does?

Y'all say Christians don't or wont leave you atheist alone but I'm not the one going into atheist forums preaching.  IF anything what I've seen since being here, no exceptions, is that ALL Christians who try and have a discussion with any other believers cannot do so without some atheist intervening to either demean God, the Bible, or the Christian believer themselves.  You stand accused of doing that very thing you accuse Christians of doing.  If the forum is for atheist then point that out and I'll gladly understand why atheist are here in a Religion forum for Christians, Muslims, Jews, or any other Religion.  Maybe you are saying that atheism IS a Religion but I also don't think that will fly with your fellow atheist and most definitions of what atheism is.


No one is trying to keep you or any other Atheist out of the forum.  What I would like to see is IF you want to come in do something Constructive rather than destructive.  Look at the bulk of atheist post then see how many are for advancing the merits of atheism (if there are any) verse how many are attacking Christians or Christianity, God the Bible or likewise being demeaning to the believing forum member.  If you are going to come here for other than some nefarious reason then let your post prove it.   If you are going to PREACH Atheism then do so but then admit it's a Religion and present it as such otherwise you are doing nothing but going someplace you would expect to find believers just to bash them and verbally abuse them.  That is what the abundance of atheist post in here tend to prove and demonstrate.

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