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Reply to "Situational Ethics"

Originally Posted by Bestworking:

This IS a forum on and about Religion so what do you expect to see in here?  At the top of your window it should say  Forums / Your Discussions / Religion so it isn't that difficult to know what to expect to find within.  As I said you, coming into this forum to attack anything to do with belief, is exactly the same as if some vegan was to go into a Steak House and rail over them serving meat.




For the last time, because I think you are just ignoring the facts rather than misunderstanding them-This is a public forum and it was called  Religion-discuss your beliefs or OTHER practices.

So where is that now?  Could be a reason (if it was there originally) that it got dropped.  Case in point and as an example consider that the Times Daily uses Religion not only on the forums but they also have a section entitled for Religion where you find topics about Religion but I don't see these "other practices" there either.  You may want it to be there but it's not.  If it was then it isn't now and I cannot find anywhere that reads that way .

After the format change it dropped descriptions but did not say or attempt to put forth the RULE that only christians could post here and that only religious beliefs could be discussed.

Again, and Again repetition is necessary here because you either fail to admit what is so plain and evident or you just ignore it and continue to attempt to CHANGE what other people say.  Repetition is necessary to challenge your continual and deliberate deception.  I have nowhere said I want to make the Religion forum for Christians only.  I have only said it should be honored that the Times Daily wants it to be a place for dialog and discussion about RELIGION.  Where does it say "other practices" now Jennifer?   IS Atheism a Religion, well is it?  How much of what you and other atheist post in here have to do with atheism verses how much effort and time you, and others, spend and have spent demeaning Christianity, Christians, and others who believe and demeaning the God we worship or the Bible?  I believe it's more than evident for all to see and all who can comprehend what you and the others are doing in here.

As far as lying, the christians do that every day when trying to say our founding fathers said things they most certainly didn't say, did things they most certainly did not do, and claiming they had intentions they most certainly did not have.

All cases I have seen post making statements there are supporting references to back those assertions up.  The only inaccuracies come in when you and other atheist CHANGE what we say and run with it as if we said what you say we said.  Case in point when I have constantly said that Congress approved the "IMPORTATION" of 20,000 Bibles yet you change that wording and your comments to address the word PURCHASE when I never said actually purchase.  No y'all constantly cannot handle the truth so you either alter what is said or attempt to revise History to be something it isn't.

 IF you can't take opposing opinions don't read them. IF you only want people that will agree with you, start your own private forum. THIS is what christians like bill and you do, move in on a public area and then start trying to tell everyone what they can or can't say in that very public place. YOU have no problem posting anywhere on these forums you want, YOU have no problem posting on any thread you want, YOU just don't want others to have the same rights. I don't "rail" over the fact you post here, so that is an incorrect comparison, I call you on your untrue statements and your attempts to rewrite history to suit your agenda. So don't lie and say I try to keep you from posting here. Yes, I expect to see religion and OTHER beliefs and practices discussed here, and that is what we do.

And YOU have used deception with no care how you do it.   You have said I have done things I have not done but because it makes your point and because you want it to be so you post on here as if it is.  The accusations you make, about me specifically, have no merit or fact yet you continue to lie about me and speak as if it is true yet want us to accept your word that the forum is for "other practices" when it plainly doesn't say such.  You certainly have no problem lying a about me so why not assume you are doing the same about what the forum is about?  Where does it say that?  Where is your evidence?  Even if it did, which I doubt, it does not now!   NOR Does the Times Daily RELIGION SECTION so the preponderance of evidence is against you and proves you to be the deceptive one. 

Your own responses demonstrate that the one who cannot accept or take criticism or opinions different than theirs is YOU.   Interesting how many other forum members seem to gravitate to the very same word when describing you .... what is that word ????   Oh yeah .. BITTER  (Gingee is but the latest, under another subject)  You know one person can possibly make a mistake, two people can possibly be mistaken but there is quite a pattern when describing your responses

You make many statements but everyone one of them reflects your own self far more than the other forum members.   You continue to speak as if I want a Christian ONLY forum but NO WHERE do I say that or indicate that for it's a false statement, a deliberate LIE that you make out of your own BIAS and Prejudice against Christians and Christianity.  Your own inner hatred of Christians and God is why IT SEEMS you are here and make the post you do.  Post that very much resemble what one would expect from someone boiling over with bitterness.  You don't only attack Christianity and God, no, you have to go after the individual forum members falsely making accusations and never having enough decency to be remorseful about your so obviously false, biased, lies.    All one has to do is read a selection of your typical responses in the Religion forum to see your rage and bitterness boils over.  Your continual deception and lies about me I will not accept which is why I say I wish you would just IGNORE ME for I wish I could do the same to you but even when I have attempted to IGNORE you and not respond to you in any way YOU CONTINUE TO LIE about me and Continue to inject my name in your post so this time I chose to disregard my own motivation to IGNORE you yet again.   I chose to respond to yet again bring up before the other forum members your continual lies about me and willing use of deception in an attempt to make your point valid.  Something it surely is everything but.  


You may be a good person, off the forum, but on here your post and your words and actions demonstrate you to be a most Bitter, angry person who appears to have the great majority of your post under the Religion forum effected by an obvious BIAS against Christians and Christianity.

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