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Reply to "Steps To Peace With God"

Hi David,

This is a very good post.  The writer, Catholic Knight, seems to have adapted if from the Billy Graham tract "Steps To Peace With God" and the "Four Spiritual Laws" tract from Bill Bright of Campus Crusade For Christ.

In 1993, when I was a relatively new Christian and my mom was in Helen Keller Hospital from a stroke, I wanted to find a good tract with which I could witness to her and to my family.  I searched the Christian book stores, looked at both of these, and rejected the "Four Spiritual Laws" tract for one reason.   

Although I agree with what it says -- I know, from my own non-believing past, that if someone had come up to me and told me, "Look at these Four Spiritual Laws you need to follow to be a Christian?" -- they would not have received a good reception.  My response would have been something like, "Who needs more laws?"

So, I settled on the Billy Graham tract "Steps To Peace With God" for my family witnessing.   And, I must share a poignant moment when I was with my mom in her hospital room.   We were watching a Christian television program and talking.  I told her, "Mom, it doesn't matter what a person has done.  A person could have murdered twenty people; but, if that person sincerely repents and asks Jesus Christ for forgiveness -- He will forgive that person.  That person will be saved."

And, her response floored me.  She told me in a quiet voice, "I did not know that."

Later, reflecting upon her answer, I began to ask myself, "If she does not know this about our Lord; how many others may also not know that He is just waiting to forgive them, to give them Life, to give them His assurance of an eternity with God?"

My step-father had her in Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God for twenty years -- and she did not know that Jesus Christ would forgive a repentant sinner?  


I began to wonder, "What do they teach in that church?"   And, I later learned that this church was not really aligned with mainstream Christian doctrinal teachings.  After Armstrong's death, the new leader, Joseph W. Tkach Sr., began to take that church toward alignment with orthodox Christian doctrine -- but, half the people did not want the changes and left to form other churches which still follow Armstrong's teachings.

As a Christian believer, I began to pray, asking God how I could show my mother the real Jesus Christ -- without breaking up their marriage.

I became very concerned.  And, a few years later when she had other strokes and my step-father moved her, from her life-long Alabama home, to Arkansas to be close to his daughter, I was even more concerned.  A few months later, when the two of them put her into a nursing home -- I was past concerned, I was very angry.   

Yet, God put on my heart, "You asked what you can do to show her the real Jesus Christ.  This is your opportunity."   I called the nursing home and asked the nurse if there is a Baptist church nearby.  As it turned out, there was one right next door and they held Bible studies in this home.

I called the pastor and told him about my mom.  He took her a Bible (which I still have) and got her involved in the Bible studies.  A  few months later, he told me, "Bill, I led her in a prayer to receive Jesus Christ; but, I am not sure she understood."  I told him that I realized that her strokes had left her often confused -- and that is why I had not tried to do this over the telephone.

But, when my mom passed away a few months later and we took her home to Alabama -- God gave me absolute, definite assurance that she had understood and that I would meet her again in heaven.  Praise God!

To see the tract "Steps To Peace With God" tract:

To view the "Four Spiritual Laws" tract:


While I have never been a big fan of the "Four Spiritual Laws" tract -- the video below, based upon this tract, is so beautiful and moving -- that, if I were not already a Christian -- this video would make me want to believe.

The Four Spiritual Laws - Flash  (Music by Ron Kenoly - Hosana Music)!


Share this with your Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors -- all your FRANs.  Share the beauty and wonder of our Lord with all of them.  And, one day, when you are walking the golden streets of heaven, someone may just come up to you and say, "Thank  you!  Thank you for sharing that amazing video with me.  That led me to seek Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Thank you!"

Would that be amazing -- or what?

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,


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