Reply to "Steve Levy: To Debra Messing and the left – I didn't vote for Trump in 2016. Now, I will"

Jack Hammer posted:

"I’ll be supporting Trump in his reelection bid, in part, because of his surprising policy successes, and, in part, because he is the only thing standing between an America as we’ve known it and a nation that will be irretrievably transformed into an unrecognizable socialist state."


And this is the very thing I've been saying, the very thing liberals are
too stupid or don't care to understand. Common sense, histories
and facts never were a part of the Socialist world of unearned benefits.
Free thinkers and fighters to stay free has always been conservative. 

Thanks for proving my point!

I made a post, in March, saying the 'Democrats are Socialists' rhetoric would ramp up more as it came closer to 2020 elections... Republicans haven't disappointed.

L. Cranston posted:

Get ready to hear Republicans scream 'Socialist' until after the 2020 election. The big 'GOP Plan' is to brand all Democrats as Socialists, in order to garner more votes.