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Vit-C and Aspirin are my two miracle drugs. 

Whiskey, honey, & lemon.

A while back I had the flu several times so I know I'm susceptible.  However...

Over the past 30+ years, the US has been hit by many different strands of the virus, yet every year over that same period I took whatever vaccine was offered and never had a problem.  Never got the flu because of the shot.  Never got the flu because the 'house' vaccine didn't work.  Getting inoculated works because I don't enjoy that kind of luck.

But maybe this virus will  be different and if the shot doesn't take, then I will then look forward to trying a different brand of whiskey.  I'm stocked up just in case.  Call it "preventative medicine."


Whiskey,Honey & Lemon... Granny called it Tonic !!

Speaking of Whiskey, I may have already mentioned this, but son-in-laws, one Christmas bought me 3 kinds of Honey Whiskey (Different Brands), so I conducted an informal "Blind Taste Test" to see which Brand tasted the most like Honey and overall preference. Several of us Tried all 3 brands and rinsed between each sample tasting.

Brands were: 

#1. Jack Daniel Honey  #2. Wild Turkey Honey  #3 Evan Williams Honey

Sample Shots were labeled by Number by daughter so none of us knew what was what. Each of us rated on paper which;

A.)Tasted most like/Best Honey Flavor - 1st place-E.Williams Honey, 2nd W.Turkey Honey.

B.) Which was the preferred overall- 1st Place E.Williams honey,2nd W.Turkey H

Jack Daniel Honey was Dead Last... We all agreed J.D. Tasted like Maple and Not Honey... Strange but True, Put the Blind taste test to a Challenge. see what you think...Turned out to be a Fun Taste Test..


Put the Blind taste test to a Challenge

You can bet on it.  I need to re-organize my [medicine] cabinet.


Among my Christmas spirits, I received a bottle of Crown Royal Regal Apple. It's purty good and I guess an apple a day keeps the doctor away.