Reply to "TD No Longer Free After 8/26"

As I have told you kate, and apparently you ignore or want to twist it:


Shoals Insider--Very little new content and then only Fed. press releases. Not worth it.

Never heard of it until you mentioned it, but it must be a "rival". Have to say, it sounds like your pns site.

Quad-Cities Daily--Births, deaths, and more local, esp. Colbert County. All the arrest reports you could want plus original pics of almost any event, free to download.

I had never heard of it until you mentioned it, and not interested in what it has on it's site.

Pen N Sword--Covers five local counties and has background stories on almost any local crimes

or criminals. Also has detailed "Most Wanted" section and one on "Missing Persons."

Just a blog imo, with articles taken from other sites with no credit given, mostly the opinion of the one posting under an ID, not their name, as one would expect from an actual journalist. Matches the description you gave of the SI. "Background stories on criminals", most likely meaning gossip. "Most wanted, missing persons" can be found on legitimate sites made for that purpose, nothing unique there, and a site so desperate for readers it has to link to it's site on all other free places it can, while demeaning one of the very forums it uses to do that. No reponse needed kate, I've said before, if people are willing to pay for advertising and read such things, they can have at it.