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Most everyone on here that wants to know my real name, already does. Your weak threat holds no power.  Most of us know who you are too. You should probably get out of the trailer more often. Maybe when your next government check comes in you can afford to venture out and get to know even more people. 


My, my, Jank...

I am aghast at your hostility.


And here I offered a public service in the event the Forums were shut down!

A chance to communicate with the fine members here by other means.


Maybe we could all have a picnic? Down by the creek?

I'll make sure you don't wander off and get lost...we'll attach one of those "child tethers" to ya'.



And I DO get out of the "mobile home" (trailer is NOT an accepted term anymore, ya' know?) and go to the "city", the State Store, State Line...hell, sometimes I even gets to go to WalMart!


And that "Gov'ment Check"? That's my WIFES...All I gets to do is SPEND it!

Keep payin' your taxes so I can continue to live this "life of luxury".


And by all means...keep posting! I enjoy the amusement...