Reply to "The Long-Term Effects of Spanking (published study)"

if i cared enough to spend the time, i'm sure i could find a study that 'proved' the exact opposite.

there are few 'studies' done any more that aren't preconcieved before they start.

a groupe of people said ' hey .. i hate spanking.. lets go do and publish a study that shows how bad it is'

the same type of scientific studies have 'proven' plain old vanilla male+female porn movies leads directly to child molestation.

i understand you're point, buttercup... but i don't buy the study. you believe it because it's something you already believe in.

i know kids that were never spanked who are absolout horrors, and we aren't friends with those parents anymore because we didn't want to be around those spoiled obnoxious brats.
to be fair i also know a couple kids who weren't spanked and are ok normal kids.
i don't know any kids that were spanked properly, (not abused, not mistreated, not spanked in anger) that are as obnoxious as the kids who run roughshod over their parents because they know there are no consqunces.
they had their cells phones taken away. the kids went into the parents bedroom and ransaked it until they found them. the driving privlidges were revoked. they took the car anyway. because they knew, from years of experiance, that nothing would ever happen except a little more yelling and fussing.

i do know one child that wasn't spanked... was a horrible horrible child.. rotten little brat.. didn't want to be around her.
now, she's starting college, and is a phenomenal human being.

all i know for sure is this.
i know more rotten children, personally, that wern't spanked, than good ones, and know more good spankees that are good kids than rotten ones.
call it a 'Study' based on personal experiance and now sitting and watching and waiting for evidence that proved my point.

BUT.. after all that, i still say /Cheers!.. the world needs all of us.. if everyone was alike, this would be a bloody boring place to live Smiler
Vive la Differance!