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Originally posted by Buttercup:

What I described works, thenagel, without the threat of spanking.

I did enjoy your story, though. Big Grin[/QUOTE]

what i described works as well, generally faster and with less reapeted offense. i wonder how many times the kid got bit before your no no no took effect.

skip that... that was snotty....

lets do this... add a qualifer, and i'll agree with you Smiler

what you described CAN work.
if it worked in every case every time then my kids would have never been spanked. i suspect that spanking as a whole would have died out decades ago if a child did what they were told to every time and never disobeyed.

if spanking NEVER worked, why would anyone do it?
if spanking was ALWAYS required, hospitals would hand our Baby's First Paddle along with those overpriced crib photos.

spanking can work well, but should be used sparringly and only if required.
non spanking can work well, but i have met kids who would end up ruling the house if not physical consequinces.

what bothers me about this whole deal, is that you seem to be under the misconception that all children will respond positivly to words and little insignificant punishments alone. it's like, you just cannot accept the possibility that a child will learn that the worst thing that he'll ever get for outright rebellion will be a stern talking to and a time out. if the child knows that nothing will really be done, what's to stop him from walking out the door while your trying to engage his empathy. what if he doesn't have a sense of empathy? so you take away his car keys. and if he dumps your purse on the ground and takes your keys and leaves in the car? what then?
maybe your kid wouldn't. some would.

not every kid has an ipod or cell pohne or computer or xbox or such that can be taken away. my kids were around 8 or 9 before we finally allowed a playstation into the house, they will be at least 16 when they get a cell, because i'm not paying for one.

i freely admit that spanking isn't always required, if often used when it shouldn't be.
can you admit that sometimes there are kids that don't respond as desired to a no spanking ever style of parenting?