Reply to "The Long-Term Effects of Spanking (published study)"

Again, you're implying some sort of ownership of the child. Couldn't a child-molesting father argue the same thing: It's no one's business?

The difference, buttercup is that one act is criminal, and the other is not.
Spanking is a method of discipline. Nothing more, nothing less. Child molestation is a criminal act. We as a society to have a moral obligation to report/protect those children.
Now, spanking does not fall into this category.
I cannot tell you how many times I have swatted my kids (4 of them) behinds. And when I do, it is NO FUN, but it is sometimes necessary. And I can also assure you that they are healthy, happy well adjusted children.
To equate spanking with child molestation is preposterous.
Anyway, like I've said, we're prolly not going to agree on this- I don't buy in to Dr. Sears philosophies. And I have read it all. I especially disagree with his theory on co-sleeping. Worst mistake we ever made! Smiler
I am more on the "Dr. Ferber" end of the spectrum. Smiler