Reply to "The Long-Term Effects of Spanking (published study)"

It's funny how some of you want gov't out of every aspect of your lives but at the same time are okay with the Supreme Court making decisions for people, like overturning Roe v Wade. Interesting.

Two completely COMPLETELY different issues, buttercup.
Abortion is murder, to "we" conservative Christians. Spanking is discipline. To equate the two is prepostorous.
I want the government to make murder (abortion) illegal. I believe it to be the downfall of our society.
I want the government to make Child abuse (Psychological, sexual and physical). illegal. which it is, and I hope perps are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
But if I swat my child's behind in Target, that's my business.
AND about your stance with the pediatrician? COME ON! You imply that peds that condone spanking are par with physicians that have been found guilty of malpractice?
For once and for all, this is a PARENTING ISSUE, not a criminal/medical one.