Reply to "The Rich Are Not Rich Because the Poor Are Poor"

Stanky posted:
L. Cranston posted:

Bush's Administration conducted a study on whether immigrants were taking American jobs. I wonder what that study said.

Republicans keep repeating the same old tired propaganda over and over and over.

Americans are tired of hearing your speech.

They're tired of Trumps tax breaks for his buddies.

They're tired of being over worked and under paid.

Republicans keep saying 'just pull yourself up by your boot straps'. The cycle repeats.

If Republicans are accusing Democrats of something, rest assured they're doing that very thing. Republicans think everyone is as sorry as a Republican.

You conveniently overlooked the keyword "illegal"; legal immigrants are another story. Doctors generated from the best Indian schools aren't going to be competing with low skill US citizens.

Check your own facts. Foreign students are graduating and going home. They can't get visas to work in a timely fashion and are not going to stay here. They're calling it 'the brain drain' on the US.  Once again, the Republican narrative doesn't fit reality. Poor Republicans just can't seem to break out of the bubble. Spoon fed their alternate facts by Fox News and the GOP.

 Are there only so many jobs in the US? Why do Presidents keep claiming they made new jobs if there are only a finite number of jobs in the US?