Reply to "The Rich Are Not Rich Because the Poor Are Poor"

L. Cranston posted:

So, you agree we can make more jobs. You agree we have unfilled jobs and yet, you whine about immigrants taking jobs? What part of that makes any sense?

Immigrants pay more into the system than they get out. Republicans will never admit it, no matter how many reports show the facts. The Republican narrative can't include that fact or the whole thing falls apart. Immigrants pay more in taxes than they get back out of the system ... that's a fact.

Now, are you done trying to scream about immigrants?

Can we get back to the topic of the discussion or any of the other Republican propaganda points you tried to make.


Again, let me make this simple for you; legal immigrants with skills, good; low skilled tax dollar sucking illegal immigrants, bad. Try not to divert the subject anymore on immigration.

The costs of illegal immigration are comprehensive. Even after deducting the $19 billion in taxes paid by illegal immigrants, the 12.5 million of them living in the country results in a $116 billion burden on the economy and taxpayers each year. About two-thirds of this amount is absorbed by local and state taxpayers, who are often the least unable to share the costs.

One of the major drivers of the increasing costs is the 4.2 million children of migrants, who automatically become American citizens. Taxpayers are indeed on the hook for over $45 billion in state and federal education spending annually, not to mention the added burden of increased social welfare dollars. Much of the almost $30 billion in medical and assistance funding is sparked by the fact that noncitizen families in the United States are twice as likely to receive welfare payments than native born families.

A full half of noncitizens receive Medicaid, compared to 23 percent of native born citizens, while almost half of noncitizens are on food stamps. Of particular concern is that noncitizens who stay in the long term are more likely to use these programs than those who just arrived. Half of new noncitizens receive welfare, but the figure jumps to a stunning 70 percent among those who have been in the United States for more than 10 years

As to making more jobs for good citizens and good immigrants, if goobermint can stay out the way, oh hell yeah the economy can employ more people if Adam Smith is at the reins and not Karl Marx. That assumes that people want to work. That also assumes we don't give away the farm again in trade deals as during the 90s and future Congresses and presidents don't over tax industries where foreign goods become much cheaper.

Like tariffs, taxing domestic goods and services is a tax on the consumer. The difference is that a tariff advantages domestic companies where regular taxation is paid by an increase in the price of the domestic product.