Reply to "The Rich Are Not Rich Because the Poor Are Poor"

L. Cranston posted:

NPR is one of the most reliable news sources available. Any fact checking site will be glad to tell you that.

I haven't posted any memes.

Republican 'right to work laws' were designed to weaken the unions.

Reagan busted the first union, in my lifetime, as a POTUS.

A social safety net is a horrible thing, says Republicans.

Are you even reading the posts?


Jeffrey Dvorkin, a NPR ombudsman did admit to liberal bias at NPR.

You post liberal ideas that often are false or misleading, but often spread like wildfire on the interweb.

Union membership was already falling before Reagan and the 'right to work' laws:

File:Union membership in us 1930-2010.png

I believe most republicans believe in a social safety net, but not a welfare lifestyle.

I also read your posts, but I often discount the quality of liberal sites.