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Reply to "The Sum of all fears!"

Jutu posted:
1130 posted:

crank,,, if you are going to quote, then quote the whole thing.   he followed with and come back and tell us how it is done.   nothing racist about it, has nothing to do with their color.  however does have to do with their rude, unappreciative behavior.  does have to do with they are trying to bring our country down.  

call me racist,, I suggest we send them back to their Muslim countries and not let them return.  that isn't racist, maybe anti-Muslim. 

it is an attack on individuals, not race.   race card has been over used and doesn't mean anything.

I'd say racist is the dem party always talking about the GOP being the party of "old WHITE men" and their claim that Trump wants to make America "white" again. What they are saying in effect is that white people shouldn't have any rights or representation in our politically offices or say in how our government is run. How far would we get saying dems are the party of old black people and they want to make the country black and blacks should not have any representation in politics?

No, Idiot! They're saying everyone deserves the same representation that has been afforded to 'old white men', in America. They're not saying any one group is above another. That's what the GOP does.

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