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crank,,, if you are going to quote, then quote the whole thing.   he followed with and come back and tell us how it is done.   nothing racist about it, has nothing to do with their color.  however does have to do with their rude, unappreciative behavior.  does have to do with they are trying to bring our country down.  

call me racist,, I suggest we send them back to their Muslim countries and not let them return.  that isn't racist, maybe anti-Muslim. 

it is an attack on individuals, not race.   race card has been over used and doesn't mean anything.

I'd say racist is the dem party always talking about the GOP being the party of "old WHITE men" and their claim that Trump wants to make America "white" again. What they are saying in effect is that white people shouldn't have any rights or representation in our politically offices or say in how our government is run. How far would we get saying dems are the party of old black people and they want to make the country black and blacks should not have any representation in politics?

Absolutely Correct!!!  Democrats are racist as well only they are racist against white American and might as well add in sexist as they surely are bigoted against white American Males which they would gladly suppress and oppress if possible. What also is neglected in all the hoopla about crying racism against Trump is that just like in regards to Charlotte they never take what Trump actually says but they run with what they say Trump says and it is totally inaccurate.  Another thing that is always neglected and never mentioned is how Slavery was eliminated and civil rights came because of white American males and females, many of whom gave their lives for the cause as well as gave up children and sacrificed husbands and wives etc.  Cries of reparations are sensless because they are racist in themselves as if you are going to seek out, research out and find people that are descendants of past slaves then find those who are descendants of soldiers who fought to free the slaves and especially those relatives of families that died fighting in the Civil War.

Democrats claim Republicans are racist in attempts to strike up anger and resentment at Republicans but in reality it is the Democrats, the ones that are making the racist/racism claims that are offending the minorities by manipulating them.  The greater offense comes by their hands and deliberate lies told for one singular reason and that is to achieve getting the votes of minorities whom they continue to attempt to hold down and make believe they are oppressed still.

I wonder when minorities are going to wake up and ask some reasonable questions about the statements that democrats are making?  Questions like if Democrats are the real saviors of Minorities then why when you have had 8 years Administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama weren't the problems of the minorities solved?  That's 16 years out of 24 that Democrats had control yet the same problems exist or are greater?   Today, I submit though that they aren't greater but under Donald Trump there is far greater minority employment historically low minority unemployment and even Hispanics are seeing historic unemployment numbers.  

IF Democrats are the ones with the answers to cure and solve minorities problems then why are the solidly Democratic cities always the historical worst for minorities?   Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore,  New York and other historically Democratically led and managed cities like Washington DC itself, are continually declining minority bastions of poverty and despair..  If Democrats are the party of the working man, of minorities with the answers when are Minorities going to look around and realize that Democrats have done nothing for them but take advantage of them and play them?  When that day comes there will be heck to pay and maybe that's why Democrats are going after the illegals because they will make up for the numbers of minorities that have already figured it out.

Republicans are weak though because they allow the Democrats, and the media,  to paint themselves as Racist and bigoted and accept the lies told about them and on them.  All but Donald Trump who fights back and doesn't accept it, Trump is a different Republican, one who fights back and counter punches.  I say again that the Sum of all the Liberal Fears is Donald Trumps 2020 re-election.