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Reply to "The White Throne"

Originally Posted by ReleaseTheElephant:
Originally Posted by frog:
Originally Posted by Bestworking:

Frog, the same reason you don't find "love" on the political sites. People have different opinions. Some claim ownership of a forum. "Discussions" get heated, then people get "personal", then some get "threatening" to others. Some can handle it, some can't. If you have "thin skin" none of these forums are the place to be.

Hmm, yes, people have different opinions, and it is wonderful to discuss and learn from each other.  It's isn't necessary to go past that phase of a discussion though....really it isn't.  Who learns or enjoys a discussion in a healthy way if the nastiness begins?


So the answer seems to be that those who insult, get personal, or threaten others get to own the forums?  What exactly does thin skin mean in this context then?  Would it mean that if it bothers me to see people hurling insults and trying to demean and threaten each other I have thin skin and don't belong in a religion forum?  Now isn't that ironic?


In some forums those who behave in those ways are banned or at least reminded to be civil...although in a religion forum one would think that would be a natural way to behave...but do you mean that here the accepted and encouraged way to interact is nastiness?  How sad....





I've just seen forums that work and those that have a few who pretty much bully the rest into either leaving, not posting, or arguing to defend themselves.  I'm just observing what I see and feel here...that's all.  It's not everyone, of course


It is too bad really.