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Reply to "The White Throne"

Originally Posted by ReleaseTheElephant:
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I've just seen forums that work and those that have a few who pretty much bully the rest into either leaving, not posting, or arguing to defend themselves.  I'm just observing what I see and feel here...that's all.  It's not everyone, of course


It is too bad really.




It is too bad, Frog.  But when a forum is infected with the bitter likes of Bill Gray, Invictus, Rram and all his various incarnations, and Ono, civil discussion just isn't going to happen. All of these folks take our disagreement with their belief very personally.  It is completely understandable, of course.  We are challenging the thing they (claim to) hold most dear so of course they will defend it violently and angrily..

Growing up is painful, I suppose.  



Fits you to a T Unob...

Psychopaths atheists do not feel emotions as deeply as normal people. Though they are not completely unemotional, their emotions are so shallow that some clinicians have described them as mere "proto-emotions: primitive responses to immediate needs."


Psychopaths atheists have a total lack of remorse for the abuses they commit. Even when they are aware of the consequences of their actions, they frequently rationalize their behavior so as to minimize the seriousness or shrug off responsibility. They often blame their victims for their crimes; "he shouldn't have provoked me" and "suckers deserve to be swindled" are common sayings.

Wow.  I continue to be amazed at what spews from people here.  Seriously, where did your comparison of psychopaths to atheists come from?  How is that not just plain hateful?  It isn't anywhere near accurate, is totally off the wall, over the top, and just plain nasty.  


How would you know how deeply someone say silly and untrue things, and you twist legitimate evaluations of disturbed mentally ill people  to suit your need to insult people. are in some dreamworld where you can just make things up and no one here challenges you?


Is this what whichever church you attend teaches you to do to others?  Lie about them, make up what suits you, and spew lies?  Is this type of post acceptable to the board or the other posters?


Wow! How is it that you don't see many of the hateful things Unob and a few others post on here just to get one in on the Christians?? Huh? Did you see the "International Religion Day" post?

THAT was the rantings of a mentally defective person. A lunatic...who professes "intelligence"???

 I have seen many hateful posts on all sides, believe me.  But my point is that you are insulting a whole group of people and lumping them all into one mentally ill group.  I didn't say no one else ever posts things that aren't nice, but really...psychopaths to atheists?  I agree it is definitely not okay to "get Christians" just as it isn't to "get atheists".  

I have no horse in this race other than I detest ignorant bullies which is the only reason most atheists post here.

 But you insult the same group again and say they are automatically bullies and ignorant just because they happen to not believe in God.  Not all atheists are bullies and some of all other  faiths are, so all I am saying is that if you really need to insult one person, how about leaving the rest of the group out?  I assure you none of us here represent the whole of any group.

As for the so called "Christian Lunatics" that post here, they are no better. There are a few whom are actually "walking the walk" and they are the most frequent targets.

 I would agree it is not one group or one belief system.  It is the choices an individual makes that determine who he becomes.

Maybe you should examine the "perfect world" in which you seem to reside with all of your "fluff" you post here. you think I live in a perfect world?  You don't know me at all.  What fluff is it that I post here?  What is your definition of "fluff"?  


I DO, however, try to be respectful of those that deserve it. Not many do that post in this forum.


The bolded part is interesting.  Apparently you believe that all atheists are undeserving of your respect...but how many do you really know?  There are wonderful atheists just as there are wonderful Christians and those of any other faith or no faith, and even if you don't agree with what they believe is it really a respectful thing to compare them to psychopaths and list all the supposed traits they share?