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But that wasn't a comment on uno.  It was a lumping together of all atheists to be psychopaths.  Do you not see the difference?

I se what you're saying frog, and there is some lumping, but uno brings

that on himself and includes all atheists the same way I'm lumped

in with the Bill G's. It's not a direct hit to you.

Unless you're a Bull Frog.



Yes, I DID lump. I meant to lump. ALL atheists that post on this forum. Every single one...since Bluetick is no longer here.

But do you really know who every single atheist here is?  And you know them all well even to know how deeply they feel, what kind of responsibility they feel, what they choose to be in their lives, and you can dismiss the whole group without feeling you might have misjudged any one at all?