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Reply to "The White Throne"

Originally Posted by ReleaseTheElephant:
Originally Posted by INVICTUS:
Originally Posted by frog:

But that wasn't a comment on uno.  It was a lumping together of all atheists to be psychopaths.  Do you not see the difference?

I se what you're saying frog, and there is some lumping, but uno brings

that on himself and includes all atheists the same way I'm lumped

in with the Bill G's. It's not a direct hit to you.

Unless you're a Bull Frog.



Yes, I DID lump. I meant to lump. ALL atheists that post on this forum. Every single one...since Bluetick is no longer here.



Ah, God bless Bluetick. And yes, I know he's an atheist, and guess what? He would not take the LEAST bit of offence at my words. He knows I'm a Christian, and if I say I wish God's blessings upon him, he will take it in the spirit it was intended. So - God bless you Blue! I'll try to make it over to the other place sometime today to say hello.


One other Atheist I USED to always get along with was Road Puppy. We seem to have had a few run-ins lately, and now he seems to have disappeared. (No, I'm NOT saying I think it is because of our run-ins.) But once again, I'm worried about him and hoping everything is OK. Last time it was computer problems. I hope it is something similar this time.