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Reply to "The worst racially motivated move the Democrats could make"

And here is another, although unproven and unknown I guarantee, a fact associated with reparations.  IT WON'T CHANGE A THING!  Those that are running around with a victim mentality looking for payouts will continue to do so regardless of if there was or was not reparations.  

Just look at the 2008/2012 election where the first minority President was elected.  He surely wasn't elected on his qualifications but so many thought now that we've (America) has elected a minority that race relations will be perfect and that finally there will be peace and harmony among the races.  The actual result was the total opposite and race relations were worse than they were before.  

The only thing that reparations will do is create far more division among the races and far more anger among whites, many who never would have been angry or upset before.  As for the minorities involve I GUARANTEE the result will be the same number or more coming back yelling, protesting, creating anarchy because IT WASN'T FELT TO BE ENOUGH!  There would be calls for more and more and more and more and more and more ... over and over and over and over and over again.  

It's the same thing with Bernie's, and many of the Democrat's socialism and give-a-way programs.  For one it won't be, and never will be, enough to satisfy the people looking for free handouts or freebees and second when the point is reached where it cannot be sustained due to lack of funding and money available then there will be riots, protest, anarchy and rebellion met by an ever oppressive government the would, by necessity to survive, have to remove people's freedoms and enslave many under the oppression of Government.  We have such a great Nation and system as it is and a miraculous Constitution that has provided unprecedented lifestyles and wealth for even those we consider in poverty, yet most Democrats want to change it.  

In our own forum we will have democrats who will attempt to defend what the 2020 Democrats want to do and will consider Trump and attempts to "Make America Great/Keep America Great" a negative thing as if we have no right to want to do that.  

I challenge ANY Democrat to cite, or show proof  that any Democratically led City or State is making progress and making life better for it's citizens today.  Any State or large city that has had Democratic leadership for any given time frame.  Is there any area of utopia in the United States that can attribute it's progress and success to Democratic leadership and/or principals?  If so here is the place to cite it.  WHERE ARE these bastions of Democratic Utopia where everyone is equal, everyone is sharing in the pie and experiencing the promises that current Democratic candidates are promising for the United States if they kick Trump out❓ 

Think about California which used to be run by Republicans then changed to Democrats and look at California's state of affairs today?  Look at New York/New York City and how things are trending there.  Look at cities like Chicago and Detroit bastions of Democratic leadership for years and years and how things are there for both those who have an those who have not.  Consider the difference in New York City itself transitioning from Republican leadership under Rudy Giuliani back to Democratic Leadership under Bill de Blasio.  For that matter name any Nation that has thrived under Socialism?  Famous last words of any society or Nation considering Socialism ... "It will be different here".  

To be fair there are examples of States that have trouble and failures that are governed by Republicans so it isn't always the Political Party that makes the big differences but rather the values and policies that are being implemented and that the State/Nation etc are run under.  Conservative policies and Capitalism with low taxes and putting people in power and bolstering competition to thrive and succeed where everyone has opportunity is key, not political party.  

Today though one political party is more attuned to Conservative principals and the principals of our Constitution and another party isn't and wants to change our Constitution.  One Party celebrates America and wants to keep making it stronger and better where the other party is apologetic as if America has done something it needs to apologize for.  One Political party today celebrates America, freedom, and sees America as a shining light on a hill to be admired and envied by all others whereas the other Party feels ashamed of America thinking that we only achieved what we have on the backs of poor oppressed others and we need to apologize and make things equal and we shouldn't celebrate who we are because it makes others feel bad and hurts their feelings.  

One party wants to give opportunity to thrive to all people whereas all people have the chance to succeed based upon their own merits and willpower whereas the other party wants to place their figurative thumb on scales giving unearned advantages to some people at the expense of others, wanting to give things away instead of a system where you can earn it or achieve with hard work and risk.   Punishing some people who never had a part in past offenses and reward others who never were harmed in the first place.  That last statement is far more complicated than just a short sentence but hopefully the meaning will come through.  

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