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Reply to "The worst racially motivated move the Democrats could make"

Jack Hammer posted:
Dr. John posted:
Jutu posted:
Jack Hammer posted:
gbrk posted:

I'm just waiting to see if any liberal and/or Dem can come up with any example of a Democrat success.

Biggest success story was how they lied Roy Moore out of office and it
didn't matter if it cost them 3 million. Those out of state illegal votes
are the ones they live for.

They don't want to discuss the group paid by a huge Dem donor...imitating Russians pretending to support Moore. Doug Jones said nothing about it when informed. Jones should have resigned.


Doug Jones says to investigate misleading effort that supported his campaign

What ??

The Jones effort is the same as O J Simpson offering a reward.   huh

Just like when he asked them to stop using the ad with the LIE that Moore was banned from the mall. Oh...wait...he approved of that ad! That little troll Jones had no intentions of anything being investigated...and should have been removed from office since he doesn't have the integrity to resign. a joke.

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