Reply to "There Are None So Blind -- As He Who Will Not See!"

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:
Hi Chick,

 And, you, Chick, have been a great inspiration and help to me.  For this, I thank you.

You tell me, "You should find someone to help you."

Are you volunteering?  If so, I accept.  I would love to have one-on-one, or public, discussions with you on Biblical issues.   So, what will it be -- PM or on the Religion Forum?



I've been a great inspiration & help to you? I'm sorry, Bill, you may think I'm stupid but I'm much smarter than you think I am. I can easily read between the lines.

Am I volunteering to help you? Just can't stop with the mocking, can you, Bill?

The statement you made, in case you've forgotten was "find a Christian Friend and ask for his/her help in a one-on-one study."

I'm not a Christian, Bill, & you won't find me pretending to be.