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Reply to "There Are None So Blind -- As He Who Will Not See!"

Hi Chick

You tell Vic, "I don't need help understanding the Bible."

If you still refuse God's love and forgiveness -- then, you must need help in understanding His message for YOU written in His Word, the Bible.  For many years, I tried to read the Bible and could not make sense of it -- until a very mature and loving Christian pastor helped me to understand it.  Chick, why don't you find someone like that in your neighborhood and see if it will help you have a better understanding of God's plan for your life.

Then, you say, "Though I have read the Bible many times & know the scriptures, I haven't picked up a Bible in a very long time & have no intention at this point to do so anytime in the near future."

I cannot say that is not true.  Only you and God know the truth.  However, it would seem that by reading the Bible many times and knowing Scripture -- some of His love would have penetrated your heart.

Both C.S. Lewis and Lee Strobel began to read the Bible to disprove it and God.  Both became strong Christian believers, very effective communicators of the Gospel, and fantastic writers.  Something must have happened somewhere between Genesis 1:1 and  Revelation 22:21 to change their minds and their hearts.  Maybe you should give it another try.

And, you write, "God is talked about on this forum daily by everyone here."

No matter how much folks talk about God, no matter how much theologians, Bible scholars, pastors, and teachers write and talk about God and the Bible -- none of it will work, none of it will penetrate -- unless you allow you heart and your mind to be free to hear what is being said, to understand what is being written.

Chick, not to satisfy me or anyone else, but, for your own sake -- in the privacy of your own heart -- allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you, to guide you, and to lead you.  Let Him lead you into the arms of Jesus Christ.  With all my heart, I want to meet you in heaven one day.

Finally, you ask Vic, "You do know what Christian ideology is, right?"

Chick, please tell us what you believe this to be.  Are you speaking of Christian beliefs, Christian doctrines, Christian teachings, Christian theology, etc.?  I am not sure just where you are headed with this question.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,