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Reply to "There Are None So Blind -- As He Who Will Not See!"

Originally Posted by semiannualchick:
Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

Hi to my Forum Friends,

"There are none so blind -- as he who will not see!"  --

 why are there still so many atheists, secularists, cult followers, world religion followers, and other non-believers in the world  today?

As I suggested earlier, "If one is not a believer and needs help in understanding the Bible; find a Christian Friend and ask for his/her help in a one-on-one study."


What's sad is that you call yourself a Christian but you're still blind to a lot of what the Bibles teaches.


There are still many atheists, secularists, cult followers, world religion followers, &other non-believers in the world  today because of "Christians" like you, Bill. Sadly, you give Christianity a bad name & people want no part of it.


It's not just the non-believers that need help in understanding the Bible. Many believers could use an understanding & a one on one study. You should find someone to help you. You need a good understanding about compassion & love.


semi,,,,I may be wrong, but if someone needs help understanding the Bible.

Leave the Bible alone for a while, try talking about God first and all that

pertains to the trinity. Start with the basics of Christian ideoloy in hopes

they will realize that God is God, and the Bible isn't God, it's the book

he gave us.