Reply to "Union Leaders Apologize For Extortion."

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Once again the glaring HYPOCRISY of republicans is showing.
Don't believe in boycotts?????
How many boycotts have been started from the radical right wing and their counterparts on the religious side in the last few years.
Well, just one more reason for the paraphrase:
Doesn't being such HYPOCRITES EVER register with you people????????? Confused

Please Rocky tell us of these.
If you want list yours and I'll list mine and we'll compare.
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Easy to find. Use Google and put in "right wing boycott" and see whet you get:

Some of this content is not dealing with boycotts BY right wing elements, but enough of it is to answer your challenge to produce.

Thanks, Mr. Better:
I started to put in a list in my original post, but as evidenced by the responses from the resident rethugliteacons, I figured it would be a waste of time due to their being in denial about their own hypocrisy.
Is there some sort of mental illness that fits into this category?
Of course, as of now, FOXOPHELIA is not classified as an official mental illness, just a form of being indoctrinated with propoganda.

Hey just for kicks,

Let's do it the hard way just to make it easier for everyone to see your list and my list side by side. Talk about hypocrites, Obama ran on getting us out of war. Not only did he not get us out of war, he thru us into another without Congressional approval , unlike Bush. Plus he blames Republicans for this Budget crises. The budget that should have been done a year ago. But no the Democrates just discided to keep the can on down the road. Now the gov't might even shut down. You socialist democrates are pathetic with your name calling, your blameing others, when you are to blame. You guys go for it. Let's Roll !

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