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Reply to "Warren’s Medicare-For-All Plan Packs $52 Trillion Price Tag"

'Woah, I was shocked this morning when I scanned the headlines in the liberal media. They've woken up to the economic lunacy of Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare-for-all,'" said Stu Varney on the latest edition of Fox Nation's "My Take." 

Last week, Sen. Warren, D-Mass., outlined a plan that would cost $52 trillion over the next decade, including $20 trillion in new spending, which would be covered largely by an array of taxes on corporations, the wealthy and employers in general.

"Now she is the darling of the left. But on this one, she is taking a shellacking," Varney observed by running through some headlines from the country's largest newspapers on Tuesday.

The headline for a New York Times opinion piece by former Obama administration Treasury adviser Steven Rattner, read, "The Warren Way Is the Wrong Way: Her big-government plans would damage rather than improve our economy."

Rattner wrote, "Senator Elizabeth Warren has unveiled her vision for how to pay for “Medicare for all” — a daunting mountain of new taxes and fees."

The Washington Post's deputy editorial page editor raised concerns over the real costs of Sen. Warren's plan to "remake the U.S. health-care system" saying it is "festooned with magic asterisks" and "fanciful."

"I wasn't expecting this," said Varney. "It amounts to panic. Panic that the new front-runner for the Democrats has made a major gaffe that cannot be taken back."

"But it gets worse," he continued. "The New York Times conducted an extensive poll of battleground states, those states that will have a big say in deciding next year's winner... And the Times concluded, 'The president's advantage in the Electoral College... remains intact or has even grown.'"

"No wonder the Democrats are now pushing impeachment," concluded Varney. "There is only a year to go to the election and they're losing on policy, losing on prosperity and their socialist front-runners are being attacked by their own side."

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