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We know NDE's do exist because of the physical evidence the documentation brings with it.  God didn't come from the Bible, the Bible came from God.  There are times to forget the Bible when it has nothing to do with certain events.  Good golly Mz molly,  beam me up.

Hi Vic,


I am sure that you can find proof that Puff the Magic Dragon also exists.  But, not in the Bible. 


You say that, ". . . the Bible came from God."   That is so true -- and THAT is why we know it is the inspired, inerrant, literal Written Word of God.  And THAT is why we must view that Bible as our sole source of final authority and knowledge.  


All things come, and came, from God.  "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  All things created include the sciences, all the laws governing those sciences, and all knowledge.  Scientific discoveries are merely man finally reaching a pinnacle -- where the Word of God already sits.


So, no, Vic, we will not find NDEs in the Bible -- for they are not Biblical.  Not even if our non-believing Friends tell you they are real.


Oh, by the way -- if you are a believer -- you WILL be beamed up.  We call it the Rapture!


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,