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Reply to "‘We’ve just scratched the surface’"

Originally Posted by gbrk:

Well Bill the facts are that there are documented cases annually where people are resuscitated after they have met the definition of physical death.





No there has NOT.

No one has EVER, EVER come back from "death" as the medical establishment defines it - meaning lack of brain function.

A stoppage of the heart (how stupid people define "death") allows for conditions that are perfect for "NDE" such as lack of oxygen to the brain.

What you all fail to consider is that perhaps religion was born out of a few people who thought they glimpsed the afterlife during an ancient NDE.  The brain is a marvelous organ but its just that: an organ.  When it shuts down, there is no more left in it than what is left in a kidney when it shuts down. 


Grow up.