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Hi GB,
So, GB, if you and Vic insist upon believing in "near death experiences" -- not a problem.  What is believed about such things does not affect a person's salvation.  However, no one can ever claim this to be Biblical; for it is not -- at all.  The Bible clearly teaches against this kind of "future seeing."



So, Billie-jo, I'm not sure gbrk totally brought into it, but he is open to the

power of God and that God is working everyday to convince everyone

that will listen to the fact that "I do exist." You limit God to the Bible.

Big mistake, half the time you don't know what your talking about with

your misconception of Bible interpretations.


Why do you believe everything God does, he needs run it by you first?

God does work outside the Bible. Could it be possible that NDE's might not

be dead, but appear to be to a medical doctor by design from Jesus to

illustrate his power over death and a very visual account of that power.


A vision greatly needed for our senses to ascertain humanly because we

fail to believe the power of God.