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No, still you demoslops.


what's a "demoslop'?

A liberal/socialist democrat

is that when you are testing new feed for your pig?

Wishful thinking for some republicans.......



OHHHHhhh.. i see. i get it.
sorry. i didn't realize there were 5th graders in here.
demoslops. teapublican. libtard. repubtard. 

because changing the real name for something into an <ahem> "insult" is so very very effective and grown up.
so where do we sign up for the ' i know you are but what am i' olympics?

Fifth graders/grown ups? Such as the fifth grader/grown up that posted the statements shown below? The fifth grader/grown up that wants to argue and make fun of someone, and call him names, and since he's gone wonders who to make fun of now? That fifth grader/grown up? Beternnun has the clip board where you can sign up for the  ' i know you are but what am i' Olympics' and  register as a hypocrite.



The Nagel:

i haven't been here in awhile. and i pop back in to make fun of bill, only to find he's no longer among those present?
did he give up? did he get thrown out? did he <chuckle> die horribly?

i didn't stop coming round here because of bill, exactly. i stopped coming around because with bill here, it was always the same tired old arguments, and you get tired, eventually, of calling the old fool an old fool and of reminding the pathetic chickensucker the world wouldn't miss him if he fell into an open volcano.
me, i'm happy that's he's shuffled off to consume a bag of richards, but i admit vague curiosity of the nature of his exit.

tho.... come to think of it. with him gone, i'm not sure who to make fun of now.