What's on the Dem's mind for 2012?

It looks like one thing that is principal on the White House and Obama's mind as well as the Democrat Party isn't the economy, jobs, the influence of China or National Security but it appears it's not something new but something old.   BLAME BUSH AGAIN!  




Obama and the Democrats want the next election, at least in the minds of voters, to be a vote on Bush's prior policies.  Forget the first four years of Obama's administration, forget all the golf games, vacations, trips on Air Force One for Politics or pleasure lets make the election about BUSH again. 


Well at least that's what the URL link/web page reports.


One thing for sure though.  Obama and his folks do take care of some folks in a down economy.  Are they the folks responsible for creating jobs? 





Looks like all the BIG Money incentives for the Auto Companies went to assist the Unions.  Guess those are the folks responsible for creating the jobs.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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