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Reply to "White Supremacists to Host 'Make America White Again' Trump Rally"

Originally Posted by Contendahh:


Yes, there is such a farm near Pulaski.


These scumbags have no regard for law.  Their information includes this:



Drugs and alcohol are allowed on festival grounds BUT you are ultimately responsible for yourself and still subject to all local and state laws. Underage drinking is NOT allowed without parental consent. (emphasis added)


I have news for these racist scofflaws.  In Tennessee the law against underage drinking is absolute.

In Tennessee, any parent or anyone else furnishing alcohol to an underage person is breaking the law.


Pulaski and Giles County have a good reputation for effectively dealing with the KKK.  I trust they will carry on that tradition as regards this assemblage of asses.


The Giles County Sheriff's Department is aware of this impending racist rally.


I am sure The Donald wishes they would go away, as do the good folks in Pulaski, but there is a First Amendment and even lowlifes like these can legally barf up their nonsense.

Pulaski is a sanctuary city.  Laws are optional in these areas, as defined by liberals.

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