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Reply to "White Supremacists to Host 'Make America White Again' Trump Rally"

Originally Posted by Contendahh:
Originally Posted by Bestworking:

 Snarky? Pftttttttttt By "so's yer old man" beternnun means "I don't want you to talk about what hypocrites the demoslops are." Get over yourself beternnun. Deflection and evasion? YOU wrote the book on deflection and evasion. Now, if you can just remember who you're responding to.


I have no intent of discouraging you from talking about the Democrats or the "liberals" because when you do so, you demonstrate your overweening irrational absolutism, which in turn diminishes your already minuscule credibility.

If that's the case, you've diminished yourself about fifty years ago and

being about as credible as your dream lover hildabeast.

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